Faculty by Field

Historians at Northwestern delve deeply into the particular circumstances that shaped the lives of the people of the past, and take great pride in conveying this particularist knowledge in their writing and instruction. At the same time, historians at Northwestern also work together to understand how those circumstances have been shaped by broader patterns, both within and across Geographic regions, and within and across Thematic interests. These groupings on this page indicate some of ways that we collaborate within the Department, plus our connections to scholars in departments and programs across Northwestern. Needless to say, our faculty also practice a wide variety of historical methods, with strengths in cultural/intellectual history, social history, ethnohistory, and economic history.

Geographic Fields

African History
American History, Before 1900
American History, Since 1900
Asian History
Global History
Latin American and Caribbean History
Medieval and Early Modern European History
Middle Eastern and North African History
Modern European History: Britain and Its Empire
Modern European History: Central/Eastern Europe
Modern European History: France and Global Francophonie

Thematic Fields

African Diaspora and African American History
Economic and Labor History
Environmental History
Gender and Sexuality History
Legal and Criminal History
Political and Policy History
Religious History
History of Science, Technology, and Medicine
Urban History
War and Empire in History