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A New Endowment: The Sanders Scholars Program


On May 4th, 2023, The History Department celebrated the inaugural cohort of Sanders Scholars in the Leopold Room.

In a brief video, Professor Gerry Cadava talks to Robin Bates, who will lead the seminar next year, about the Sanders Scholars. You can read their profiles here on the Department’s website.


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All photos are taken from the Sanders Scholars Celebration Party in Harris 108 / May 4, 2023
Four 2023 Sanders Scholars students
Peter Hayes and Faculty
Appetizers anyone? Enjoy.
Prof. Robin Bates and 2023 Sanders student
Alum. Ian Sanders and Prof. Immerwahr talk with students

About the Program:

In 2023-24, we will launch a rigorous new program for undergraduates: the Sanders Scholars Program.  At its heart will be a two-quarter undergraduate seminar on “The Historian’s Craft.” This seminar will offer opportunities far beyond what a standard class can provide.The Sanders Scholars program will offer opportunities far beyond what a standard class can provide. Not only will students read classic works and cutting-edge scholarship, but they’ll also meet major figures in the field, including authors on the syllabus, invited to campus specifically to talk with them about their work, their research, and the study of history. The Scholars will be able to follow their interests to address the debates and themes that have spoken to them as they devise original research projects. We are thankful to Ian Sanders (Weinberg ’91), whose experiences as a History student have informed the design of this program and whose generosity has made it a reality. This seminar promises to be a wonderful addition to the academic life of the Department of History for many years to come.

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