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Undergraduate Scholarship and Awards

2017-18 Senior Theses

Karen Adjei, “Remember to Speak! Japanese and Japanese American Women’s World War II Narratives and the Redress Movement in Chicago.” (advisors: Ji-Yeon Yuh, Elizabeth Son)

Graham Anderson, “The Hong Kong Handover: Colonial Citizenship at the Close of the Twentieth Century.” (Lauren Stokes)

Anne Boniface, “Frozen Assets: Exploiting Antarctica, 1820-1959.” (Geraldo Cadava)

Henry Chen, “Durban’s ‘Lonely Minority’: Memory and Masculinity in a South African Township, 1950-1986.” (Sean Hanretta)

Fiona Maxwell, “‘House of Dreams’: Process, Reciprocity, and the Community Reception of Children’s Dramatics at Hull House.” (Susan Pearson)

Sarah Muller, “WISCONSIN FOR WALLACE: George Wallace, John Reynolds, Conservatism, and The Intersection of Local and National Politics in the 1964 Wisconsin Democratic Presidential Primary.” (Michael Allen)

Samantha Schmidt, “Secularism Meets Islam: The Convergence of Huda Sha’rawi’s and Zaynab al-Ghazali’s Feminisms in Twentieth-Century Egypt.” (Henri Lauziere)

Michaela Shapiro, “Unveiling Marie Bugéja: Exposing the Limitations of French Republicanism in Interwar Algeria via Women’s Colonial Literature.” (Sarah Maza)

Lauren Sonnenberg, “Race and Revolutions: Newspaper coverage of Haitian Independence in the American South.” (Caitlin Fitz)

Sophie Spears, “GOOD GIRLS GO TO HEAVEN, BAD GIRLS GO EVERYWHERE: A History of the Sex Workers Rights Movement in Post-War America.” (Lauren Stokes)

Katharine Van Riper, “From Dublin to Jarama: The Irish Volunteers who Refought Ireland’s Civil War in Spain.” (Deborah Cohen)

Bryan Wood, “From the Amazon to the Andes: Fujimori’s Sterilization Campaign During the 1990s in Peru.” (Paul Ramirez)

In addition, the following undergraduate students were honored with awards:

Hearst Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship in History

(strongest junior major)

David Morales

Josef Barton Research Seminar Essay Award

(best 395 final essay)

Daniel Fernandez, “A World in Itself”: Spectacle and Civic Engagement at the Marshall Field’s Retail Store, written for History 395 with Professor Cohen

Jacob Lassner Prize

(best essay in Jewish or Islamic civilization)

Alex Lederman, “How the USSR Turned Zionism into a ‘Form of Racism’,” written for History 348-2 with Professor Petrovsky-Shtern

Wilks Prize in African History

(outstanding undergraduate essay in African history)

Maria Clark, “Liminality in a Crownless Kingdom: Self-identify, Gender, and Race Relations in Dugmore Boetie’s Familiarity is the Kingdom of the Lost,” written for History 356-2 with Professor Glassman

First-Year Seminar Essay Award

(for best final paper)

Natalie Smith, “Morality Under Occupation,” written for History 101-6 with Professor Maza

Grace Douglas Johnston Award

(best senior honors thesis presented to the History Department)

Fiona Maxwell, “House of Dreams”: Process, Reciprocity, and the Community Reception of Children’s Dramatics at Hull House (advisor: Susan Pearson)