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Grading Guidelines

A: An "A" student

An "A" student has performed at a consistently excellent level in all aspects of the course.

A-: An "A-" student

An "A-" student’s work is sometimes excellent and sometimes very good.

B+: A "B+" student

A "B+" student fulfills all of the course requirements very well, but without special distinction.

B: A "B" student

A "B" student performs solidly, but shows some room for improvement in one or all areas.

B-: A "B-" student

A "B-" student probably had significant problems in one or more areas.

C: A "C" student

A "C" student has significant weakness in most course areas.

D: A "D" student

A "D" student has completed enough of the course work to pass the course, but has either failed to complete some course assignments or completed many of them incompetently.

F: An "F" student

An "F" student has failed to complete enough course assignments to pass the class, or has completed all of them too poorly to merit a passing grade.