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New Faculty Spotlight - Video

Welcome Kathleen Belew!

We are so pleased to have Associate Professor Belew join The History Department. Lina Britto, Associate Professor of History,  as well historian of modern Latin America and the Caribbean, takes a moment to interview new faculty member, Associate Professor Kathleen Belew, historian, author, and teacher whose interest is in the history of the present (American Studies (MA, MPhil, PhD), Yale University.


Kathleen Belew spent ten years researching and writing her first book, Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America (Harvard, 2018, paperback 2019). In it, she explores how white power activists created a social movement through a common story about betrayal by the government, war, and its weapons, uniforms, and technologies. By uniting Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazi, skinhead, and other groups, the movement mobilized and carried out escalating acts of violence that reached a crescendo in the 1995 bombing of Oklahoma City. This movement was never adequately confronted, and remains a threat to American democracy. Her next book, Home at the End of the World, illuminates our era of apocalypse through a history focused on her native Colorado where, in the 1990s, high-profile kidnappings and murders, right-wing religious ideology, and a mass shooting exposed rents in America’s social fabric, and dramatically changed our relationship with place, violence, and politics (Random House).




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