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Chabraja Center Activities

Greetings in difficult and disruptive times! Here’s some good news about our Center fellowships. For 2020-21 we have again an exceptionally high number of 25 undergraduate Leopold Fellows (19 of them starting in the summer) working with 13 History faculty. For this summer we were able to give out seven graduate fellowships for work in digital humanities in Chicago institutions. We look forward to a vibrant year with our new graduate Breen and Quinn Fellows as well as Chabraja Postdoctoral Fellows. In addition, the CCHS Teaching Initiative brings Professor Paul Gillingham and Andrea Rosengarten together to design and co-teach a winter course with the provocative title “The End of Citizenship.” Congratulations to all our associates!

We hope you will check out our website for updates about next year. With best wishes for a pleasant summer, Elzbieta.


Summer 2020 fellowships
  • Anisha BHAT at Illinois Humanities
  • Guangshuo YANG at Chicago Leather Archives and Museum
  • Colored Conventions Project (with Prof. Kate Masur): Hope McCAFFREY and Emilio AGUILAR
  • Classicizing Chicago Project (with Prof. Sara Monoson): Brian FORMAN, Robin POKORSKI, John SULLIVAN
  • Ruby DAILY—convener of a graduate conference on “The Me: Historicizing the Self”
  • Sian OLSON DOWIS—convener of a graduate conference on “'The End of the World as They Knew It': Crisis and Conflict in History"
  • Digital Media Fellow: Gil ENGELSTEIN
QUINN FELLOW (in collaboration with the Doris G. Quinn Foundation)
  • Laura NOBOA—dissertation on “Your Most Dedicated and Obsequious Consort: The Self- Representation of Three Consorts in Renaissance Italy”
  • William FITZSIMONS—dissertation on “Power without a Center: Age, Mobility, and Political Institutions in the Grasslands of East Africa, c. 500 BCE-1800 CE”
  • Laura McCOY—2020 dissertation: “In Distress: Family and a Marketplace of Feeling in the Early American Republic”
    ~Both will teach a course in the History Department~
  • In Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 Prof. Paul GILLINGHAM with Andrea ROSENGARTEN as his graduate co-instructor will design and offer a new Winter 2021 History course on “The End of Citizenship.”

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