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PhDs Awarded 2017-18

Laila Ballout, “Saving Lebanon: American and Lebanese Visions of Rescue During the Lebanese Civil War, 1975-1990.” (Prof. Michael Sherry)

Charlotte Cover Moy, “The Enclosed Renaissance: Intellectual and Spiritual Learning in Early Modern Venetian Convents.” (Prof. Edward Muir)

Emma Goldsmith, “In Trade: Wealthy Business Families in Glasgow and Liverpool, 1870-1930.” (Prof. Deborah Cohen)

Beth Healey, “Nazi Crimes, British Justice: The Royal Warrant War Crimes Trials in British-Occupied Germany, 1945-1949.” (Prof. Peter Hayes)

Alex Hobson, “Chains of Vengeance: The United States and Anti-Imperialism in the Middle East, 1967-2001.” (Prof. Michael Sherry)

Raevin Jimenez, “Rites of Reproduction: Tradition, Political Ethics, Gender and Generation among Nguni-speakers of Southern Africa, 8th-19th Century CE.” (Prof. David Schoenbrun)

Valeria Jiménez, “Brokering Modernity: The World’s Fair, Mexico’s Eighth Cavalry Band, and the Borderlands of New Orleans Music, 1884-1910.” (Prof. Gerry Cadava)

Matthew June, “Protecting Some and Policing Others: Federal Pharmaceutical Regulation and the Foundations of the War on Drugs.” (Prof. Michael Allen)

Samuel Kling, “Taming the Crabgrass Frontier: Regional Planning and the Metropolitan Idea in Chicago, 1890-1935.” (Prof. Henry Binford)

Jesse Nasta, “Making Slavery’s Borders: Legal Culture and the Transformation of Slavery’s Northwestern Frontier, 1787-1860.” (Prof. Dylan Penningroth)

Rachel Taylor, “Crafting Cosmopolitanism: Nyamwezi Male Labor, Acquisition and Honor c.1750-1914.” (Prof. David Schoenbrun)

Marlous van Waijenburg, “Financing the African Colonial State: Fiscal Capacity Building and Forced Labor.” (Prof. Joel Mokyr)

The Harold Perkin Prize

(for the best dissertation of the year)

Alex Hobson, “Chains of Vengeance: The United States and Anti-Imperialism in the Middle East, 1967-2001” (2017), for his ambitious multi-lingual reinterpretation of the deep twentieth-century structures that sustained global acts of violence. Adviser: Michael Sherry