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Staff Spotlight

Susan Delrahim

delrahim-award-336x448.jpgTo anyone who has ever botched an expense claim, or even submitted one on time and with Account Defaults correctly selected, it was terrific but wholly unsurprising news that Susan Delrahim had won the annual Weinberg College Community Excellence Award. Susan (pictured at right, with Weinberg Dean Adrian Randolph) has been the Department’s accountant for sixteen years and has filled the position with a rare combination of charm, patience and steely efficiency. She is never too hurried to ask with sincerity (and an admirable memory) about her colleagues’ children, and manages to do so while steadily processing a tall pile of claims folders on her desk. Susan has been for years a calm and warm presence for faculty, staff and students, and the Department counts itself lucky to have her in charge of its finances. Her sunny smile and lovely orchids make a visit to her desk seem like a tiny vacation.

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