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Department of History Year-End Celebration 2020

Congratulations on graduating from college, graduate school and achieving outstanding awards in history! Although we are not able to gather in the Harris Hall Leopold room this year, we still want to recognize our students and appreciate you being here today to celebrate our graduates and award winners.

We hope that this virtual celebration will give you and your loved ones the opportunity to share this experience together in a meaningful way. Thank you for being a part of the History Department’s end of year celebration.




 Messages from American Historical Association
Major Graduates



 Major Graduates

Special Thanks

Maria Melia Agudelo

Haaris Bashir Alvi

Evan Christopher Augeri

Ryan James Borgdorff

Claire Louise Bugos

John Byrne

Chase Anthony Carnevale

Yi Chun Chen

Graham William Cromley

Colin Lee Drexler

Roy Dushi

Thomas C Fredericks

Caleb Matthew Friedman

Nathan Glasman

Levi Michael Goldstein

Amanda C. Gordon

Jordan Shea Green

Eden Rachel Halterman

Amelia C Hancock

Marisa Loretta Hattler

Luke A Holey

Gabriel Michael Ghais Jankovsky

Martin Kaehrle

Netta Paz Keesom

Imran Ahmad Khan

Ronald Y Kim

Zachary Aaron Koons

Johann Daniel Lara Osorio

Jakob M. Lazzaro

Seri Lee

Andrew Douglas Mishkin

Henry C. Molnar

David Morales

Nathan Mostow

John Wilson Nagel

Maria Rose Nasser

Claire Jeeyoung Pak

Dana Jadwin Pepowski

Elizabeth S Perkins

Rachel Elizabeth Price

Matthew Alexander Reay

Andrew Ryan Reed

Sage M Ressler

Kyle Aaron Rosen

Katharine Virginia Sanderson

Mychala Tara Schulz

Bradley James Schwartz

Jacqueline Rena Siegle

Michael Joshua Snider

Trent A Steelman

Skye Ashley Tavarez

Yiting Wang

Olivia Nicole Winn

Daniel Kalisa Witte

Do Hun Yang

Jonathan Frederick Zarrilli

Jared Nelson Zvonar

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Minor Graduates

Minor Graduates

James Albert Belleque

Eric Benes

Isaac Bykhovsky

Maya Julia Daiter

Riley Rex Freeman

Jonathan Louis Goldberg

Hannah Elizabeth Karzmer

Elizabeth Ann Koehler

Isaac Joseph LaLuzerne

Riley James Lees

Julia Skye Morgenstern

Henry Joseph Moskal

Pedro Xavier Orellana

Louisa Baum Oreskes

Ruby Evelyn Phillips

Mahima Pirani

Juliana Marie Rev

Jesse Danielle Rudnick

Rebecca Jean Schumm

Andrew James Stopera


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2020 Honors Recipients

After a year of hard work, research, analysis and a tumultuous spring quarter, these students have triumphed and earned the distinguishment of being Department of History Honors Recipients.

Haaris Alvi, “Comparisons across Countries: Exploring unique causes and effects of Hyperinflation in Interwar Europe”; Advisor: Joel Mokyr

Yichun Chen, “Entrepreneurial Ethnic Writers: Jade Snow Wong, Rose Hum Lee,
and Chinese American Knowledge Production in the Early Cold War Years”; Advisor: Melissa Macauley

Thomas Fredricks, “Conflicting Visions: How Britain, France and Germany Forged a United Europe”; Advisor: Benjamin Frommer

Amy Ouyang, “Law vs. History: The Crisis of Legitimacy in the South China Sea”; Advisor: Peter Carroll

Elizabeth Perkins, “’Equally Determined to Send Their Children’: Pro-Integration Activism and the Persistence of Segregation in the Public Schools of Southern Illinois, 1874-1952”; Advisor: Kate Masur

Andrew Reed, “Money Hungry: Famine Policy Under the British East India Company, 1770-1840”; Advisor: Ashish Koul

Jared Zvonar, “The War that Never Happened: War Plan Red, Defence Scheme No. 1, and the
Myth of the Anglo-American Special Relationship, 1919-1939”; Advisor: Henry Binford

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Undergraduate Prize Winners

Grace Douglas Johnston Award is given to the best Senior Honors Thesis - Thomas Fredericks, “Conflicting Visions: How Britain, France and Germany Forged a United Europe”, Adviser: Professor Benjamin Frommer.

Jacob Lassner prize for best undergraduate essay in Jewish or Islamic civilization written for any department or program - Netta Keesom, “Our Dear Nations’ Esther Azhari Moyal and the Silhouette of an Arab-Jew," for Professor Ipek Yosmaoglu's HISTORY 393-0-24 Ottoman Jews in the Age of Nationalism, Fall 2019.

Josef Barton Research Seminar Essay Award (History 395 Seminar Paper) - Xinyang Zhou, “Becoming the ‘New People’ A Discussion on the Abolition of Prostitution in Shanghai from 1949 to 1958,” for Professor Peter Carroll's History 395-0-24 Shanghai: Modernity and Modernism in 20th Century China, Fall 2019.

First-year Seminar Essay Award is given annually for the best History first-year seminar final paper - Eman Akhtar, “I Had Joined the Struggle Like One Joins a Religion’ Religion, Gender, and the 1984 Family Code," for Professor Daniel Immerwahr's HUM 101-6-21: Empire, Fall 2019.

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Ph.D. Program Graduates and Graduate Program Acknowledgements

2019 - 2020 Ph.D. Recipients

Teng Li
Advisor:  Melissa Macauley
Judiciary at the Crossroad: Property Laws and Courts in Post-World War II Taiwan and Manchuria, 1945–1953, Summer 2019

Jessica Biddlestone
Advisor:  Sarah Maza
"Empire of Ruins: France in Roman Africa, 1830-1900.", Summer 2019

Kevin Baker
Advisor:  Ken Alder
World Processor: Computer Modeling, The Limits to Growth, and the Birth of Sustainable Development, Summer 2019

Michael Brownrigg
Advisor:  Michael Sherry
"The Morphine Man" The Emotioal Politics of the Early War against Drugs, 1870s-1920s, Fall 2019

Luthfi Adam
Advisor:  Haydon Cherry
“Cultivating Power:  Buitenzorg Botanic Garden and Empire-Building in the Netherlands East Indies, 1745-1917, Spring 2020

Graduate Awardees

The Romani Prize:

Morgan Barry, “‘SUBJECT’s wife’: Gender, Anticommunist, and Black Women Activists in Early Cold War Chicago.”

Eunike Setiadarma, “NATION AT HOME: Women, Family, and Bangsa Tionghoa in the Writings of Kwee Thiam Tjing.” 

The Perkin Prize:

Luthfi Adam, “Cultivating Power: Buitenzorg Botanic Garden and Empire-Building in the Netherlands East Indies, 1745-1917.” 

The Heyck Prize:

Claire Arnold, “The Demands of Distance: Global British Families and the World, 1830-1914.” 

The Lacey Baldwin Smith teaching prizes:

 Aisha Valiula

 Vanda Rajcan

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Special Thanks

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