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PhDs Awarded 2018-19

Alvita  Akiboh, “Material Culture and Constructions of National Identity in the U.S. Colonial Empire, 1898-1959.” (Advisor: Prof. Daniel Immerwahr) Placement: University of Michigan Ann Arbor Society of Fellows Postdoc.

Juri Bottura, “Shaping the Body of the Nation: ‘Organicist Agrarianism’ in 1930s Brazil.” (Prof. Browdyn Fischer) BCA Study Abroad (Italy), Trentino Resident Director.

Ryan Burns, “Potential Protestants: Catholics, Conformity and Conversion in Early Modern Scotland, 1560-1780.” (Prof. Scott Sowerby) CCHS Postdoc Fellow.

Yuri Doolan, “The First Amerasians: Mixed Race Koreans from Camptowns to America.” (Prof. Ji-Yeon Yuh) Brandeis University, Dept of History, Assistant Professor.

Bonnie Ernst, “Women in the Age of Mass Incarceration: Punishment, Rights, and Resistance in Michigan.” (Prof. Michael Sherry) University of Florida, Dept of Sociology and Criminology & Law, Assistant Professor.

Michael Falcone, “The Rocket's Red Glare: Global Power and the Rise of American State Technology, 1940-1960.” (Prof. Daniel Immerwahr) Dartmouth College, US Foreign Policy & International Security Postdoc Fellow.

Mariah Hepworth, “When the Bestial War Shall Rule No More: D.W. Griffith, World War I, and the Antiwar War Film.” (Prof. Michael Sherry) University of Alabama at Birmingham, Dept of History, Instructor.

Amanda Kleintop, “The Balance of Freedom: Abolishing Property Rights in Slaves during and after the US Civil War.” (Prof. Kate Masur) Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Dept of History, Political Science & Public Policy, Assistant Professor.

Julia Miglets, “Holy Mediocrity: Saintly Matrons and the Dominicans in Late Medieval Italy.” (Prof. Dyan Elliott) Fox Advancement, Grants Strategist.

T.R. Noddings, “Main Street Jesus: Small-City Revivalism, Chautauqua, and the Birth of Religious Conservatism, 1880-1930.” (Prof. Robert Orsi)

Joy Sales, “Diasporic Struggle: Transnational Activism, Migration, and Anti-Imperialism in Filipino America, 1964-1991.” (Prof. Ji-Yeon Yuh) Washington University in St. Louis, Postdoc Fellow in Immigration, Cultures, and Law.

Melissa Santana-Rivera, “Latino Migration Politics in Chicago from the 1930s to the 1970s.” (Prof. Geraldo Cadava) UIC Latin American and Latino Studies, Teaching Postdoc.

Aram Sarkisian, “The Cross Between Hammer and Sickle: Russian Orthodox Christians in the United States, 1908-1928.” (Prof. Robert Orsi)

Leigh Soares, “Higher Ambitions for Freedom: The Politics of Public Black Colleges in the South, 1865-1915.” (Prof. Kate Masur) Penn State University, Africana Research Center, Postdoc.

Emilie Takayama, “Civilizing Japanese Bodies: A History of Self-Improvement and the Beauty Industry in the Japanese Empire, 1868-1945.” (Prof. Laura Hein) Harvard-Newcomen Postdoc Fellowship at Harvard Business School.

Alexandra C. Thomas, “Reason of State and the Politics of Botero, Campanella, and Sarpi in the Waning of the Renaissance.” (Prof. Edward Muir) Skidmore College, Dept of History, Visiting Assistant Professor.

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