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African History: Present, Past, and Future

A celebration of Jonathon Glassman and David Schoenbrun

“Mambosasa Mosque, Bweni (Pangani), 1985." Credit: J. Glassman
"Zanzibar National Archives, 1986, Pictured Salum Said." Credit: J. Glassman
"Zanzibar National Archives, 1986, Pictured Hamad Hassan Omari, Director of Archives." Credit: J. Glassman


View the Program Schedule:

Friday, May 31: Harris Hall L07

2:00-3:30pm | Panel 1: African History and the World

Panelists: Pamela Khanakwa, Dylan Penningroth, Eve Troutt Powell, Steven Feierman

Moderator: Neil Kodesh


4:00pm | History Dept Reception for David Schoenbrun’s Retirement - Harris Hall 108


Saturday, June 1: All Panels in Harris Hall 108

9:00am | Continental breakfast


9:30-10:45am | Panel 2: Negotiating Politics, Ethnicities, and Belonging

Panelists: Andrea Rosengarten, Lynn Thomas, James Brennan

Moderator: Jeremy Prestholdt


11:15-12:30pm | Panel 3: Unconventional Narratives in African History

Panelists: Jan Bender Shetler, Marcos Leitão de Almeida, Emily Callaci

Moderator: Kathryn de Luna


12:30-1:45pm | Lunch


2:00-3:15pm | Panel 4: Words

Panelists: Bright Gyamfi, Caitlin Monroe, Kathryn de Luna

Moderator: Rhiannon Stephens


3:45-5:15pm | Panel 5: Past and Future Directions in African History

Panelists: Sandra Greene, Pius Nyambara, Godwin Murunga

Moderator: James Brennan


6:00pm | Dinner at Mt. Everest Restaurant in Evanston


 *RSVP is required to attend*