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Paul Gillingham

Associate Professor

DPhil, Oxon, 2006
Curriculum Vitae


Geographic Field(s):  Latin American and Caribbean History

Thematic Field(s):  Political and Policy History; Legal and Criminal History

Principal Research Interest(s):  Latin American History. Social History, Modern Mexico


Paul Gillingham (DPhil, Oxon, 2006) specialises in politics, culture and violence in modern Mexico, and has published numerous articles and book chapters on these subjects. His first book, Cuauhtémoc’s Bones: Forging National Identity in Modern Mexico (University of New Mexico Press, 2011), was awarded the Conference on Latin American History’s Mexican history prize. He is co-editor of Dictablanda: Politics, Work, and Culture in Mexico, 1938-1968 (Duke University Press, 2014), and is currently working on three projects: an edited volume on journalism, satire and censorship, a monograph on political violence and a national history of twentieth-century Mexico. Gillingham is Director of Northwestern’s Latin American & Caribbean Studies Program, and co-edits the Violence in Latin American History series at the University of California Press.

Affiliated Programs



Selected Articles & Book Chapters

Teaching Interests

Undergraduate Courses

  • HIS 103-6-21: A Beginner’s Guide to Forgery.
  • HIS 260-2-1: History of Latin America in the Modern Period, c.1789 to the Present.
  • HIS 300-0-26: New Lectures in History: People and Power in Modern Mexico.
  • HIS 300-0-26: New Lectures in History: Revolution and Empire in Cuba.

Graduate Courses

  • HIS 405-0-22: Seminar in Historical Analysis: Revolution.
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