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Aisha Valiulla


Aisha Valiulla’s field of interest lies in the cross-cultural interactions and exchanges through the land and maritime trade networks that connected the Near East to Sindh and the South Asian peninsula circa 800-1200 CE. Her concentration is in the Indian ocean world and the cultural interchanges of ideas, architecture, art, and literature. Her current research focuses on Abu'l Hasan Ali Al-Mas'udi, a 10th century Arab historian whose universal history, the Muruj ad-Dhahab wa'l Ma'adin al-Jawhar, incorporates both a social and political critique of his contemporary world and an ethnographic study of his observations during his trip to western India.

Born in Ahmedabad, India, and raised in the UAE and Virginia, Aisha graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in History with a double minor in Chemistry and Spanish from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. She is fluent in Hindi-Urdu and Gujarati and conversant in Spanish and Arabic.

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