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Heather Menefee


Heather Menefee is a doctoral student in Native American and U.S. history and a Mellon Cluster Fellow in Native American and Indigenous Studies. Her research interests include transformations of Indigenous sovereignty and U.S. citizenship since the mid-19th century, Dakota history, the relationship of federal Indian policy to U.S. imperialism, John Trudell’s political philosophy, and histories of the Great Lakes.

She was previously a doctoral student and Royster Fellow in American Studies at UNC Chapel Hill, where she earned an MA in 2019 and participated in antiracist organizing on campus. In 2015, she earned a BA (summa cum laude) from Northwestern with an ad hoc major in Native American Studies. Heather is happy to share resources with anyone involved in movements for justice and abolition, on or beyond campus. She enjoys the White Sox, choral singing, learning languages, and befriending other people’s dogs.


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