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Northwestern History Newsletter, Winter 2020

A Message from the Chair

Laura Hein, in the pastHistorians spend a lot of time thinking about the ways that today’s world echoes the past, both in the context of our own lives and far longer spans. My colleagues who work on Medieval and Renaissance Europe split on whether our compatriots will handle the corona virus much like the bubonic plague—Joel Mokyr predicts that scientific rationality will help but Dyan Elliott is less sanguine...

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The Summer 2020 Newsletter will be our COVID-19 Edition. In a few months, we will email History alumni to invite you to share your news, whether relating to career, life, your History degree, or anything else. In addition to the usual topics, how has COVID-19 changed your thoughts, activities, and surroundings?

If you know others who wish to receive future Newsletters, please tell them to update their contact information via the Northwestern Alumni Association, either through Our Northwestern or by emailing the NAA records team directly. We look forward to hearing from you.