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Winter 2021 Class Schedule

102-6-20 First-Year Seminar: A Social, Political, and Non-Technical History of the InternetFirst-Year Seminar: American History FocusedAmericasKeith Woodhouse  15
103-6-20 First Year Seminar: Climate and Weather in HistoryFirst-Year Seminar: Non-Western History FocusedSarah Carson  15
103-6-24 First Year Seminar: Islam, Gender, and the Modern WorldFirst-Year Seminar: Non-Western History FocusedAsia/Middle EastAshish Koul  15
201-1European Civilization: High Medieval Thru Mid-18th CEuropeanLydia Barnett  45
210-2History of the United States, Reconstruction to the PresentMichael Allen  90
212-2Introduction to African American History: Emancipation to Civil Rights MovementAmericasBrett Gadsden  45
216Global AsiansGlobal, Asia/Middle East, European, Americas, African/Middle EastJi-Yeon Yuh  45
218Latina and Latino HistoryAmericasGeraldo Cadava  45
250-2Global History: The Modern WorldGlobal, African/Middle East, Asia/Middle East, Americas, EuropeanRobin Bates  90
255-1Background to African Civilization and Culture: Origins to 17th C. African/Middle East, GlobalDavid Schoenbrun  45
271-3History of the Islamic Middle East: 1789-presentAfrican/Middle EastHenri Lauzière  45
281Chinese CivilizationAsia/Middle EastMelissa Macauley  45
292-0-XX Jewish Material CultureIntro History SeminarYohanan Petrovsky-Shtern  15
292-0-XX Mexico Since 1511Intro History SeminarPaul Gillingham  15
300-0-20 Europe in the Age of Total WarNew Lectures in HistoryRobin Bates  30
300-0-22 Film, Literature, Revolution in MexicoNew Lectures in HistoryPaul Gillingham  45
305American ImmigrationAmericasShana Bernstein  30
309American Environmental HistoryAmericasKeith Woodhouse  45
310-1Early American History: Conquest and Colonization, to 1688Michaela Kleber  45
311New Nation: The United States, 1787-1848Caitlin Fitz  45
322-2Development of the Modern American City: 1880-PresentAmericasHenry Binford  45
325History of American TechnologyKen Alder  90
326U.S. Intellectual HistorySusan Pearson  30
340Gender, War, and Revolution in the 20th CenturyTessie Liu  30
342-2History of Modern France: 19th c. to presentSarah Maza  45
348-2Jews in Poland, Ukraine, and Russia, 1917-1991Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern  45
349History of the HolocaustEuropeanȘtefan Cristian Ionescu  82
376Global Environments and World HistoryHelen Tilley  45
381-2History of Modern China: 1911-presentPeter Carroll  45
385-2History of Modern South Asia, ca. 1750-present Asia/Middle EastAshish Koul  45
386-2History of Modern Southeast Asia Until 1945Asia/Middle East, GlobalHaydon Cherry  45
392-0-20 Legacies of the Korean WarTopics In HistoryJi-Yeon Yuh  15
392/395-0-22 TaiwanTopics In HistoryPeter Carroll  15
393-0-20 Mexican/Latin American ImmigrationApproaches to HistoryGeraldo Cadava  15
393-0-22 Inventing Age of the SamuraiApproaches to HistoryAmy Stanley  15
393-0-24 AntisemitismApproaches to HistoryDavid Shyovitz  15
393-0-26 Revolution, Dictatorship and Democracy in Eastern EuropeApproaches to HistoryȘtefan Cristian Ionescu  15
395-0-XX Imperialism in AsiaResearch SeminarMelissa Macauley  15
395-0-XX Problem of Poverty in Anglo-American CultureResearch SeminarAmericasHenry Binford  15
398-2Thesis SeminarGlobal, African/Middle East, Asia/Middle East, Americas, EuropeanEdward Muir  15
405-0-20 Settler ColonialismSeminar in Historical AnalysisDoug Kiel  15
405-0-22 The Pacific WorldSeminar in Historical AnalysisJi-Yeon Yuh  15
410-2Field Seminar in American HistoryKate Masur  15
430-2 Field Seminar in Early Modern European HistoryField Seminar in European HistoryEuropeanLydia Barnett  15
492-0-20 South Asian Field SeminarTopics in HistoryRajeev Kinra  15
492-0-22 Muslim History of Eastern EuropeTopics in Historyİpek Yosmaoğlu  15
560Teaching History (Pedagogy)Caitlin Fitz  15
570-1Research Seminar in HistoryHaydon Cherry  15
585 US Dissertation WorkshopDissertation WorkshopSusan Pearson  15
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