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Spring 2021 Class Schedule

101-6-20 First-Year Seminar: Holocaust TestimoniesFirst-Year Seminar: European History FocusedBenjamin Frommer  15
101-6-22 First-Year Seminar: History of the SelfFirst-Year Seminar: European History FocusedEuropeanRobin Bates  15
102-6-20 First-Year Seminar: Asian American LivesFirst-Year Seminar: American History FocusedJi-Yeon Yuh  15
103-6-20 First-Year Seminar: Violence in African HistoryFirst-Year Seminar: Non-Western History FocusedDavid Schoenbrun  15
200-0-20 Death and DyingNew Introductory Courses in HistorySean Hanretta  45
203-1Jewish History 750-1492David Shyovitz  29
214Asian American HistoryAmericas, Asia/Middle EastRaymond San Diego  45
250-1Global History: Early Modern to Modern TransitionGlobal, African/Middle East, Asia/Middle East, Americas, EuropeanAmy Stanley  135
282Sino-American Relations in the Modern WorldGlobal, Americas, Asia/Middle EastMelissa Macauley  45
292-0-XX Transgender HistoryIntro History SeminarLauren Stokes  15
300-0-20 History of CapitalismNew Lectures in HistoryRobin Bates  45
300-0-22 Making Drugs in the AmericasNew Lectures in HistoryAmericasLina Britto  45
300-0-24 Inequality in AmericaNew Lectures in HistoryKevin Boyle  45
300-0-26 Evolution of ChicagoNew Lectures in HistoryHenry Binford  45
300-0-28 Second World War in EuropeNew Lectures in HistoryBenjamin Frommer  45
300-0-30 Monsters and the OccultNew Lectures in HistoryDavid Shyovitz  45
300-0-32 Modern Science in the Global SouthNew Lectures in HistorySarah Carson  45
300-0-34 Development of American Indian Law and PolicyNew Lectures in HistoryAmericasDoug Kiel  30
300-0-36 South Asians in the World, 18th c-presentNew Lectures in HistoryAshish Koul  30
300-0-38 The Arabian Peninsula Since the 18th CenturyNew Lectures in HistoryHenri Lauziere  45
303-1American Women's History, to 1865Susan Pearson  45
324US Gay and Lesbian HistoryLane Fenrich  90
333The Age of the RenaissanceEuropeanEdward Muir  45
344-2Germany Since 1945EuropeanLauren Stokes  30
357East AfricaDavid Schoenbrun  30
373-2The Ottomans: From "Second Empire" to the Age of Nationalism, 1622-1918İpek Yosmaoğlu  30
386-3History of Contemporary Southeast Asia Since 1945Asia/Middle EastHaydon Cherry  45
393-0-20 Gender, Race, and the HolocaustApproaches to HistoryEuropeanSarah Cushman  15
393-0-22 Pirates and Prostitutes in Southeast AsiaApproaches to HistoryAsia/Middle EastHaydon Cherry  15
393-0-24 Frontiers, Borderlands, NationalismsApproaches to HistoryAshish Koul  15
393-0-26 TBDApproaches to HistorySarah Maza  15
393-0-28 Islamic Thought and Political Activism in Middle EastApproaches to HistoryAsia/Middle East, African/Middle EastHenri Lauzière  15
395-0-20 History of NorthwesternResearch SeminarKen Alder  15
395-0-22 Doing U.S. Local HistoryResearch SeminarHenry Binford  15
398-3Senior ThesisEdward Muir  15
405-0-20 Sexual Knowledge: Science, Archives, TracesSeminar in Historical AnalysisTessie Liu  15
410-3Field Seminar in American HistoryGeraldo Cadava  15
420-2Field Seminar in Latin American HistoryLina Britto  15
465 History without DocumentsSources in African HistoryDavid Schoenbrun  15
492-0-20 U.S. Labor and Working Class HistoryTopics in HistoryKevin Boyle  15
492-0-22 Global ChinaTopics in HistoryAsia/Middle East, GlobalMelissa Macauley  15
570-2 Research SeminarResearch Seminar in HistoryHaydon Cherry  15
585 US Dissertation WorkshopDissertation WorkshopSusan Pearson  15
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