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Fall 2020 Class Schedule

101-6-20 First-Year Seminar: The Wild ChildFirst-Year Seminar: European History FocusedEuropeanTessie Liu  15
101-6-22 First-Year Seminar: Repairing Historical InjusticesFirst-Year Seminar: European History FocusedEuropeanȘtefan Cristian Ionescu  15
102-6-20 First-Year Seminar: Lincoln in History and MemoryFirst-Year Seminar: American History FocusedAmericasKate Masur  15
102-6-22 First-Year Seminar: Race and the American PresidencyFirst-Year Seminar: American History FocusedAmericasBrett Gadsden  15
103-6-20 First Year Seminar: Caliphs and CaliphatesFirst-Year Seminar: Non-Western History FocusedHenri Lauzière  15
103-6-22 First Year Seminar: TBAFirst-Year Seminar: Non-Western History FocusedRajeev Kinra  15
200-0-20 The Black Death and Other PandemicsNew Introductory Courses in HistoryEuropean, GlobalDyan Elliott  45
200-0-22 Introduction to Native American and Indigenous HistoriesNew Introductory Courses in HistoryDoug Kiel  30
200-0-24 The 2020 ElectionNew Introductory Courses in HistoryGeraldo Cadava  45
200-0-26 History of the American FamilyNew Introductory Courses in HistoryMichaela Kleber  45
201-2European Civilization: Mid-18th C to Present Robin Bates  90
210-1History of the United States, Precolonial to the Civil WarAmericasCaitlin Fitz  90
251The Politics of Disaster: A Global Environmental HistoryLydia Barnett  45
260-2History of Latin America in the Modern PeriodPaul Gillingham  45
270Middle Eastern/Islamic CivilizationCarl Petry  45
284-2Japanese History: Tokugawa Period, 1600-1868Amy Stanley  45
292-0-XX Race and the American MidwestIntro History SeminarDoug Kiel  15
300-0-20 Music and Nation in Latin AmericaNew Lectures in HistoryLina Britto  45
300-0-22 Comparative GenocideNew Lectures in HistoryȘtefan Cristian Ionescu  45
300-0-24 Life Under CommunismNew Lectures in HistoryYohanan Petrovsky-Shtern  30
300-0-26 Catholics and Protestants in HistoryNew Lectures in HistoryEdward Muir  45
300-0-28 Migrations in the MediterraneanNew Lectures in HistoryLauren Stokes  15
314The Civil War and ReconstructionKate Masur  45
315-3The United States Since 1900: Late 20th C. to PresentAmericasMichael Allen  90
342-1History of Modern France: Ancien Regime and the French RevolutionSarah Maza  45
348-1Jews in Poland, Ukraine, and Russia, 1250-1917Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern  30
356-2History of South Africa, 20th C.African/Middle EastJonathon Glassman  45
379Biomedicine and World HistoryAfrican/Middle East, Asia/Middle East, Americas, European, GlobalHelen Tilley  90
381-1History of Modern China: Late Imperial China, 1600-1911Asia/Middle EastPeter Carroll  45
385-1History of Modern South Asia, 1500-1800Asia/Middle EastRajeev Kinra  45
392/395-0-20 Arabian NightsTopics In HistoryCarl Petry  15
393-0-20 Modern CitiesApproaches to HistoryPeter Carroll  15
393-0-22 Oral History and the Archives of Terror in Latin AmericaApproaches to HistoryAmericasLina Britto  15
393-0-24 Migrations in the MediterraneanApproaches to HistoryLauren Stokes  15
395-0-22 The EstablishmentResearch SeminarMichael Allen  15
395-0-24 Nature and EmpireResearch SeminarLydia Barnett  15
398-1Thesis SeminarEdward Muir  15
405-0-20 Rethinking Black Freedom StrugglesSeminar in Historical AnalysisBrett Gadsden  15
405-0-22 Comparative RaceSeminar in Historical AnalysisJonathon Glassman  15
405-0-24 Mapping the DisciplineSeminar in Historical AnalysisSarah Maza  15
405-0-26 The Body in TimeSeminar in Historical AnalysisDyan Elliott  15
410-1Field Seminar in American HistoryAmericasCaitlin Fitz  15
492-0-20 Global History, Science/KnowledgeTopics in HistoryHelen Tilley  15
492-0-22 Revolution in MexicoTopics in HistoryPaul Gillingham  15
585 British Dissertation WorkshopDissertation WorkshopDeborah Cohen 
585 US Dissertation WorkshopDissertation WorkshopSusan Pearson  15
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